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If you are looking to expand your knowledge on Reiki or to Learn Reiki Self Attunement and Energy Healing, then you have come to the right place.

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Reiki self attunement made it possible for someone to become a complete reiki master all at one, without any waiting period, and without different levels. Some reiki masters under this concept also offering master course in just 48 hours.

Reiki can be defined in many ways. One popular definition of Reiki is the process of empowering one to heal themselves through energy. Another popular definition is that Reiki is an art of spiritual healing and self realization. Reiki, through a specific technique, allows us to tap into the energy that is in all living things and benefit our life in a spiritual way.

In order to become efficient in Reiki, there are three levels which are taught to those who wish to become a Reiki Master. Mikao Usui - the founder of Reiki -  used the self attunement method himself during his spiritual meditation. Reiki self attunement makes it possible for someone to become a certified Reiki Master simply and effectively without spending an arm and a leg on classes.

Listed below are the three levels to becoming a Reiki Master and Energy Healer through self attunement:

1. The first level brings forth the history of Reiki. This level teaches the basics, in which you would usually learn the energy systems, the hand positions, the principles, and how to give healing sessions to others.

2. The next level brings forth an introduction to the Reiki symbols, and how they are applied to Reiki healing. Reiki symbols are important to energy healing and essential to performing Reiki efficiently and effectively.

3. Master level - The last level focuses on attuning yourself to Reiki energy as well as performing Reiki on others. This level also focuses on how energy healing can improve your health and the benefits of living a spiritual life and .

Learning Reiki Self Attunement and Energy Healing can become a very relaxing part of your life. You will learn how to give yourself those extra boosts of energy throughout the day to help maximize your performance. You will also learn how to open your mind more to the spiritual realm, which can bring forth new and brighter experiences.

What are the benefits of Reiki and Learn Reiki Online ?

Reiki healing techniques help us relax and get rid of stress and tension. Reiki healing is very effective in providing relief from sleeplessness. Basically Reiki can helps the body recover better. Reiki is a powerful healing method which you can use to heal yourself and others. All you need to practice Reiki is to learn the techniques online by enrolling for a Reiki master certification course.

learn reiki

Reiki classes online (learn reiki from your home) provide a very practical approach to learning this healing art. There are many benefits to acquiring Reiki this direction. First, classes are easily available to all who have the desire and access to the Internet. It can be learned at your personal pace, and from the comfort of your own home. It usually costs much less, and provides a more relaxed studying platform than that of a structured class.

You can learn to do a Reiki attunement on yourself online. Reiki self attunement process can be as effective as with a practitioner. In fact in the current digital age you can easily identify books and online guides on how to become a Reiki master. It does not matter if you do not have access to a Reiki practitioner. Some of these online Reiki Master Certification programs have been developed by practitioners who have been practicing for a number of decades.

How Can I Learn Reiki?
Traditional Training Methods - Average Cost: $1300+

Most aspiring students of Reiki have typically veered more towards traditional training methods. This is due in large part to the fact that, until very recently, not much else has been available.

In the strictest schools, Reiki training is often one-on-one and certification can take many years. Finally becoming attuned as a Reiki Master generally costs quite a large sum of money. More lenient and common avenues typically take no longer than a year and training occurs in three levels that are most frequently taught in successive weekend workshops.

Traditional training methods consist of teacher-student interactions in a class-like environment where the student learns through educational materials and in-class participation.

Modern Training Methods - Average Cost: $100

Recently, with more and more people asking the question, "How can I learn Reiki?" several of its practitioners have decided to make its benefits more available to a wider audience by offering certified Reiki training through quality home study courses. While this idea is fairly new, it has caught on quickly and has provided many ambitious individuals with opportunity that was never before available to them.

Learning Reiki through a distance-learning program allows the student total control over their learning schedule and frees them up to learn at their own pace, without the distraction of other students and without the high cost generally associated with more traditional methods of training. It has proven to be the most effective learning path for the modern individual, because it conforms completely to their schedule.

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